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We are an all-volunteer group of individuals who are deeply committed to the cause of fighting cancer, supporting Kansas City cancer patients and their families, and honoring the courageous men and women who have left this fight in our hands. We manage every aspect of the event on our own, paying no salaries or management fees -- to enable us to give every penny we can to our deserving beneficiaries. 

We have one goal: to make sure no one fights this devastating disease alone

Cancer Survivor





I am very fortunate to be able to call myself a cancer survivor. But my life has been touched by those who weren't so lucky. I'm doing this to make more survivors. 



Communication & Social Media

There is really nothing like Ride Day. Every year I look forward to seeing all our riders rolling out and coming back laughing and smiling. And every year I am reminded that we are fighting to beat a disease that will affect almost everyone – be it self, family, or friends – with no discrimination it affects young, old, rich, poor, and even those who seem so healthy. And so, every year I come back to serve on this team to see all those smiling faces to support our beneficiaries who are doing so much to beat cancer.

I help with Ride 2 Boulevardia for two reasons. First is that I love riding my bike and I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember. It clears my lungs and it clears my head. I tell people it’s my own personal health care system. Second is that despite our best efforts, being active and trying to live in a healthy way, cancer still happens. The surest bet against it is science, and science requires funding. Ride 2 Boulevardia positively brings the two together in a happy combination.



Volunteer Coordinator

Family is why I am part of this team. All of us has had cancer affect us in some fashion, and serving on this team gives me a fighting chance to beat it.




I'm here for my Dad who lost his cancer fight in 2012. I'm here for my inspiring friend, Matthew, who has been fighting and winning since 2010. I'm here for my friend, Bob, who never got the chance for a fair fight. I'm here to keep at least one other person from having to learn what this horrible disease is capable of. If I have anything to say about it, NO ONE RIDES ALONE.

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming because of its formidable reputation as a mortal illness. Knowing that there is just one person or family that might benefit from our fundraising is enough for me. I've met so many wonderful people through the cycling community. With the chance to meet many more, it meant that Ride 2 Boulevardia was the obvious choice for choosing to fight cancer.

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